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65 N. Highway 101 Ste 212, Warrenton OR 97146
(Located in the Premarq Centre, 2nd Floor,
with Elevator Access, Overlooking the River)
If you have always wanted a more attractive smile or desired an experienced dentist to listen to your dental health needs, look no further. Dr. Rodney Katayama is dedicated to building your confidence and beautiful smile by offering a range of customizable dentistry solutions for all members of your family. From simple, conventional dentistry to full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Katayama is able to get you to your desired end result.


Experienced Dental Care On The Northern Oregon Coast

Why Choose Us?

Certainly all forms of conventional dentistry are a mainstay, such as mercury-free fillings, low radiation digital x-rays, root canals, dental surgery, etc. Although more extensive and elaborate forms of dentistry are also the norm, including the reconstruction of your entire mouth.


  • Do you want something special?
  • Are you uneasy about wearing lipstick?
  • Do you use your hand to hide your teeth?
  • Do you have an overgrown mustache to hide your teeth?
  • Are you afraid to really smile or LOL?
  • Do you want to look great?
Well, we take the time to listen.

YOUR personalized care is customized, JUST FOR YOU.

And yes, it can be LIFE CHANGING!!!
Dr. Katayama is accepting new patients.
Most Insurance Plans accepted. Easy Financing also available.

Your Dental Health Starts Here

Our unique and special dental team have the rare talent to combine today's technology with artistry, expertise, and experience to not only recognize and analyze your special needs and desires, but more importantly, having the ability to create for you what you may have only dreamed about. We will also provide your special dental care in a gentle, friendly, and calm atmosphere. It is so relaxing in fact, that many patients literally fall asleep (without medication mind you) while we perform our ‘dental magic'!!

We are dedicated to:


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